Report by ICA Ambassador to Spain

ICA Ambassador Reports,

Report by ICA Ambassador to Spain

By Antonio Negueruela

Due to the situation in which we are immersed worldwide, Spain has experienced a large number of Covid 19 cases.

The most active period for our business was Christmas 2019. Generally at the beginning of each year, the months of January and February are quiet months as we leave the previous Christmas campaign that benefits our sector for the purchases made during this period.

Last February news about positives cases in other countries began, in the month of March the Spanish government, due to the increase in contagions in our country, decreed a state of alarm and all activity ceased for 2 months.

Since then, local and partial confinements have continued up to today. During these months shops and wholesaler offices were closed, we could not work as our activity was not an essential service, and we experienced an absolute inactivity, and since then we have resumed gradually back to normal the activity.

I can say that in the last months it has been the period that we have recorded the least activity in the sector in the last 60 years, but looking at the global picture, it is totally understandable. That is why we are not only closed to the Spanish market, but we work with foreign customers, as there are other markets where the economy is not so resentful and still demand our product.

Currently we live at a moment when different types of gems such as aquamarines, tourmalines, tanzanites... coexist with mayor stones, what is indisputable is that ruby, sapphire and emerald have always maintained their position, in fact there is an interest of engagement rings and earrings that are set with color stone as the main gem surrounded by diamonds.

Being positive, thanks to online commerce there are many companies that have been able to save their sells, every day the consumer relies more on this purchasing system for our product.

Hoping that better times come back for everyone!!