ICA forged an exclusive partnership with the Jewelers Circle


Special for ICA AEM Members Only!

To all our ICA members,
ICA is pleased to announce a newly forged and exclusive partnership with the Jewelers Circle, a leading B2B online global trading platform and marketplace for trade-only professionals to discover colored gemstones, natural colored diamonds, pearls, designer and vintage jewelry and other collectibles.
“In this new era of wholesale commerce, we are thrilled to be providing digital solutions with highly tailored product sourcing, business and relationship-driving opportunities, as well as forging partnerships with esteemed organizations like ICA,” says Marianne Fisher, Co-Founder and Managing Director of the Jewelers Circle. “Our platform will allow ICA Members to connect with qualified trade professionals to discover, network and ultimately transact without platform commissions in a way that would normally take place at traditional live market events.”
With an Exhibitor (dealer) subscription, users can:
    Showcase inventory in their own "shop"
    Browse thousands of listings with powerful sorting, filters and search
    Enjoy free listings and commission-free transactions
    Discuss and purchase listings directly
    Meet new potential clients worldwide
    Post Inquiry Calls to individual or all subscribed exhibitors
    Answer Calls from other traders/retailers
    Access events and education (Coming up: South Beach X South West, 1/28-2/6)
    Participate in the Best Offer feature to list and/or bid on limited-time, reserve price point products
“Our collaboration with the Jewelers Circle will provide increased business opportunities for our ICA Members to connect with qualified buyers and professionals from across the world from the comfort and safety of their office or home 24/7/365. Technology like this will ultimately advance our industry in this time of global digital growth and transformation.” - Clement Sabbagh, ICA President.
Please lookout for an email from the Jewelers Circle that outlines our special partnership benefits including a fully subsidized membership [for All AEM ICA members - at no cost! A $3500+ savings!] to exhibit on the platform through December 31, 2021!
Best regards,
Gary Roskin