Having members in more than 47 countries, the ICA strives to keep its international community engaged and connected.

Country Ambassadors play a key role and represent the core of the association's international presence.

Each Ambassador is a leader not only in their country but also in the larger global gemstone community. They create stronger lines of communication between the members and the press and trade-related organizations.



Terrence Coldham
Terrence Coldham
Intogems P.L. 61414927929
ICA Ambassador to Australia
Maxim Van Oppens
Maxim Van Oppens
Metro Stones Bvba (323)232-8089
ICA Ambassador to Belgium
André Silva
Empire Industries Ltd 5531992904303
ICA Ambassador to Brazil
Martine Lavoie
Martine Lavoie
President Pierres De Charme (438)384-1284
ICA Ambassador to Canada
Eyassu Bekele
Eyaopal 251911203827
ICA Ambassador to Ethiopia
Pascale Savigny
Paul Des Roches 33617185950
ICA Ambassador to France
Mehul Durlabhji
Times Trading Corporation 911412564777
ICA Ambassador to India
Yehuda Kassif
Yehuda Kassif Company 97235333792
ICA Ambassador to Israel
Fujio Takada
Takada Jewelry & Co Ltd 81666512468
ICA Ambassador to Japan
Antony Zagoritis
Antony Zagoritis
CEO Lapigems Ltd 254202641700
ICA Ambassador to Kenya
Abdul Majeed Abdul Bari
Nazim Brothers Pte Ltd (659)181-7240
ICA Ambassador to Singapore
Antonio Negueruela
Antonio Negueruela SA 34914462227
ICA Ambassador to Spain
Peter Pereira
Isle of Jewels Ltd 255784352299
ICA Ambassador to Tanzania
Ashoo Sinchawla
Sant Enterprises Co. Ltd. 66226680259
ICA Ambassador to Thailand
Fazil Ozen
Harmony Gems 902125135061
ICA Ambassador to Turkey
Dacques Nini
Dacques Nini
GIA GG, PG, JDT, FCGmA, GB US Ambassador Dacques Rare Beautiful Jewels +18323740008
ICA Ambassador to USA
Yen Le
Yen Le
LeYen Company Limited +84938968668
ICA Ambassador to Vietnam
Lesley Marsh
Faye Marsh Jewellers & Consultants (Pvt.) Ltd. 26304707922
ICA Ambassador to Zimbabwe