Having members in more than 47 countries, the ICA strives to keep its international community engaged and connected.

Country Ambassadors play a key role and represent the core of the association's international presence.

Each Ambassador is a leader not only in their country but also in the larger global gemstone community. They create stronger lines of communication between the members and the press and trade-related organizations.



  • Terrence Coldham
    Terrence Coldham
    Intogems P.L. 61414927929
    ICA Ambassador to Australia
  • Maxim Van Oppens
    Maxim Van Oppens
    Metro Stones Bvba (323)232-8089
    ICA Ambassador to Belgium
  • André Silva
    Empire Industries Ltd 5531992904303
    ICA Ambassador to Brazil
  • Martine Lavoie
    Martine Lavoie
    President Pierres De Charme (438)384-1284
    ICA Ambassador to Canada
  • Eyassu Bekele
    Eyaopal 251911203827
    ICA Ambassador to Ethiopia
  • Pascale Savigny
    Paul Des Roches 33617185950
    ICA Ambassador to France
  • Mehul Durlabhji
    Times Trading Corporation 911412564777
    ICA Ambassador to India
  • Yehuda Kassif
    Yehuda Kassif Company 97235333792
    ICA Ambassador to Israel
  • Fujio Takada
    Takada Jewelry & Co Ltd 81666512468
    ICA Ambassador to Japan
  • Antony Zagoritis
    Antony Zagoritis
    CEO Lapigems Ltd 254202641700
    ICA Ambassador to Kenya
  • Abdul Majeed Abdul Bari
    Nazim Brothers Pte Ltd (659)181-7240
    ICA Ambassador to Singapore
  • Antonio Negueruela
    Antonio Negueruela SA 34914462227
    ICA Ambassador to Spain
  • Peter Pereira
    Isle of Jewels Ltd 255784352299
    ICA Ambassador to Tanzania
  • Ashoo Sinchawla
    Sant Enterprises Co. Ltd. 66226680259
    ICA Ambassador to Thailand
  • Fazil Ozen
    Harmony Gems 902125135061
    ICA Ambassador to Turkey
  • Dacques Nini
    Dacques Nini
    GIA GG, PG, JDT, FCGmA, GB US Ambassador Dacques Rare Beautiful Jewels +18323740008
    ICA Ambassador to USA
  • Yen Le
    Yen Le
    LeYen Company Limited +84938968668
    ICA Ambassador to Vietnam
  • Lesley Marsh
    Faye Marsh Jewellers & Consultants (Pvt.) Ltd. 26304707922
    ICA Ambassador to Zimbabwe