ICA Board of Directors

The ICA's Board of Directors comprise an international array of distinguished gem professionals coming together to advance the gemstone industry. Their backgrounds span the gemstone chain supply from miners, cutters, wholesalers all the way to retailers.

They abide by a strict Code of Ethics and generously volunteer their time and expertise to promote the knowledge and appreciation of colored gemstones.

Board Members

  • Damien Cody
    Damien Cody
    Cody Opal (Australia) Pty Ltd 61396545533
    President, Australia
  • Phuket Khunaprapakorn
    Phuket Khunaprapakorn
    Gemburi Co Ltd 66818088488
    Vice President, Thailand
  • Rocco Gay
    Rocco Gay
    CEO Petramundi S.r.l. 3933366332
    Vice President, Italy
  • Sushil Goyal
    Sushil Goyal
    Liberty Gems Inc 12123915649
    Treasurer, USA
  • Duncan Mclauchlan
    Duncan Mclauchlan
    Mclauchlan Gems Ltd 442078314449
    Secretary UK
  • Altaf Iqbal
    Altaf Iqbal
    Regal Gems (Pvt) Ltd. 94112556660
    Secretary, Sri Lanka
  • Ioannis Alexandris
    Ioannis Alexandris
    CEO Gemolithos Group GmbH 491727843620
    Director, Germany
  • Daniel Bronfen
    Daniel Bronfen
    PB Gems Ltda 553132731187
    Director, Brazil
  • Evan Caplan
    Evan Caplan
    Evan Caplan Company 12132909010
    Director, USA
  • Oren Eliezri
    Colgem El 97 Ltd 972543452585
    Director, Israel
  • Guillermo Galvis
    Guillermo Galvis
    ACODES (Asociación Colombiana de Exportadores de Esmeraldas) (571)334-4277
    Director, Colombia
  • Claudia Hamann
    Claudia Hamann
    Claudia Hamann Edelstein GmbH +491724015181
    Director, Germany
  • Kengo Kajita
    Kajita Co Ltd 81338627441
    Director, Japan
  • Miriam Mimo Kamau
    Miriam Mimo Kamau
    Founder & Director Mimo Gem Traders +254722845858
    Director, Kenya
  • Vijay Kedia
    Vijay Kedia
    Gems Park 919829013201
    Director, India
  • Dwarka Prasad Khandelwal
    Dwarka Prasad Khandelwal
    Aditi Impex 919829055435
    Director, India
  • Benedicte Lavoie
    Benedicte Lavoie
    Vice-President Pierres De Charme 14383841284
    Director, Canada
  • Lucas Senrong Lu
    Vice President Shuibei Jewelry Group
    Director, China
  • Pearl Ng
    Pearl Ng
    Director Pearly
    Director, UK
  • Armil Sammoon
    Armil Sammoon
    Sapphire Cutters Ltd 94777386886
    Director, Sri Lanka
  • Samir Sukhadia
    Director Swadi Stit Co Ltd (Sukhadia) +662-235-9355
    Director, Thailand
  • Mark Tremonti
    Mark Tremonti
    Tremac Pty Ltd 61260416315
    Director, Australia
  • Ashish Vijay
    Ashish Vijay
    AV Globale 97145148607
    Director, UAE
  • Clement Sabbagh
    Clement Sabbagh
    Ben Sabbagh Bros 553332751577
    Immediate Past President, Brazil
  • Douglas Hucker
    Douglas Hucker
    International Colored Gemstone Association
    CEO, USA
  • Chang Hatta
    Hatta New World Co Ltd 85229736363
    Special Advisor, Taiwan
  • Captain Ramji
    Captain Ramji
    Anjali Jewels Company Ltd. 81338517375
    Advisor, Japan
  • Henry Ho
    Henry Ho
    Tiang Chirathiwat Co Ltd (JTC) (662)630-1000
    Advisor, Thailand
  • Saurabh Bansal
    Saurabh Bansal
    C. Bansal OHG
    Advisor, Germany