Report by ICA Ambassador to France

ICA Ambassador Reports,

Report by ICA Ambassador to France

By Pascale Savigny

The Covid-19 has been spreading in Europe since the beginning of the year, and France is one of the most affected countries in Europe.
Lockdown started on March the 17th in France. Since then, the entire economy has slowed down or even stopped except for essential products supplies, medical services and cares.

More than ten million employees all around the country are under the partial unemployment system, put in place by the government, in response to the coronavirus crisis.
Our gems market, which depends on jewelry retailers and on international demand, is also directly impacted.

This is the case for the big French luxury brands implanted in Asia, which have seen their sales drop sharply. Overall, this crisis now has made a significant impact on the French jewelry market.

People and companies are learning to live and work differently: the home office has been largely implanted throughout the country, and people are keeping social and professional connections through social network services. That allows us to also stay connected with our customers, our partners and thus be available for any request they may have.

In conclusion, work activities continue but with great difficulty which forces our businesses and employees to adapt their business model and work methods.

The French government is currently preparing detailed measures to gradually ease out of this strict lockdown, starting from May the 11th. But it will take time and effort to come back to a normal situation.