ICA Ballroom at the JCK Las Vegas Show, May 30 - June 3, 2019

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JCK Las Vegas to Debut Global Gemstone Neighborhood with ICA

The new Global Gemstone Neighborhood will be introduced at JCK in May 2019. The 8,300 square-foot neighborhood is inclusive of the member exhibitors of the International Colored Gemstone Association (ICA) and a dedicated ballroom for Fine Gems, spanning five exhibition areas for gemstones.

"The ICA colored gemstone marketplace/exhibition at JCK Las Vegas offers something for all jewelry professionals for various facets of their business, whether they are a designer or a retailer who does custom work in-house," says Clement Sabbagh, ICA President. "Every ICA member adheres to a strict code of ethics and standards from mine to market, with responsible sourcing of natural colored gemstones, as well as full written disclosure of any known treatments or enhancements to a gemstone. This type of responsibility and transparency ensures the respect, reputation and esteem of the fine jewelry industry and builds both consumer confidence and trust."

For convenience and ease of navigation, the Global Gemstone Neighborhood will span five locations in close proximity on Level 1 of the Show Floor, Hall G, Sands Meeting Rooms and three consecutive ballrooms. ICA members will exhibit in the Casanova ballroom; Fine Gems will be housed in the Marco Polo ballroom, and additional U.S. and international gemstone vendors will exhibit in the Galileo ballroom, the Sands Meetings Rooms and Hall G.

The Global Gemstone Neighborhood opens on Thursday, May 30, 2019 and remains open throughout the JCK Las Vegas show (Friday, May 31 - Monday, June 3).

May 30th, official inauguration of ICA's first Ballroom at the JCK Las Vegas Show. Left to right: Marcelo Ribeiro, ICA Treasurer, Captain Ramji Sharma, Japan Director, Clement Sabbagh, ICA President; Santpal Sinchawla, Secretary & 2019 Congress Committee and Benjamin Hackman, Past President.

Cody Opal booth with penty of interested customers.

Sant Enterprises with its vast selection of sapphires and other precious gemstones. Standing in the center: Ashoo Sinchawla, 2019 Congress Committee.

Manoel Bernardes exhibiting Brazilian treasures!

ICA's ballroom was an opportnity to show the American market the scope and range of colored gemstones avilable from the ICA members.

The exhibitors were:

Abouchar S.A. Diastar 63411
Advanced Quality ACC Ltd 63606
Anjali Jewels 63506
BBGEMS 63206
Belmont Mineração Ltda 63512
BGC Brazil Gem Commerce 63103
Blue Gems Supplier 63205 / 63207
BSB , Ben Sabbagh Bros. 63602
ChinaStone 63110 / 63112
Claudia Hamann Edelstein GmbH 63306
Clifton Opal Pty Ltd  63312
Cody Opal (Australia) Pty Ltd 63610 / 63612
CTC & CO by Miranda Group 63603 / 63605
Duarte & Bastos Ltda 63611 / 63613
Enchanted Designs Ltd. 63604
Fine Gems Collection Co Ltd 63310
Garaude 63410
Gem India Exports 63303 / 63305
Gem Stones Ltd 63407
Gems by Nomads 63105 / 63107
Gemstones Corporation 63311 / 63313
Hopkins Opals 63213
ICA | GemLab L123
JK Gems & Jewellery Pvt Ltd 63111
JS Gems Ltda 63007
Komatsu Cutting Factory 63504
Krish Creations Co Ltd from Bangkok 63505 / 63507
Lunawat Gems Corporation 63210 / 63212
Manoel Bernardes Com. E Ind. Ltda 63106
Moragen Co Ltd 63302
Nash James Enterprises 63502
Noor Gems Japan Co Ltd. 63510
Peter Valicek Gems Ltda 63113
Potentate Mining LLC 63203
Ramos & Campos 63104
Rocks N Beauty Ltd Hong Kong  63503
Sant Enterprises Co Ltd 63511 / 63513
Sapphire Creations 63413
Seven Fine Gems 63403
Sparkles and Colors USA Inc 63406
Sunlight Gems 63402 / 63404
Sunny Gem Co 63307
Tavares Gems 63011 / 63013
Thai Gem Centre 63211
The Opal Corporation 63102
True Blue Opals Pty Ltd 63412
Yes Hajaa Gems 63609