ICA Ambassador to Sri Lanka, Altaf Iqbal

ICA Ambassador Reports,

September heralds Sri Lanka's leading International Gem & Jewelry Exhibition, 31st August - 3rd September, 2017

By Altaf Iqbal, July, 2017.

ICA Ambassador to Sri Lanka

Organized by the Sri Lanka Gem & Jewelry Association, this year's edition of the country's leading international Gem and Jewelry show - FACETS - is preparing to showcase the best of the best of Sri Lanka's top most resource.

This year, FACETS promises something for everyone to suit every budget, from fine quality colored gemstones and exquisite jewelry, to branded watches and fashionable costume jewelry. Over the years FACETS has captured the interest of experts and enthusiasts worldwide. This year the exhibition is set to host an impressive number of international stalls featuring merchandise from all over the world.

2016 saw the introduction of the Premier Jewelry Pavilion and the Gem and Jewelry Mart. The purpose of these exhibit areas was to add more versatility and range as well as to ensure that small and medium jewelry enterprises also got their fair share of the spotlight. Given the success of these pavilions, the organizing committee has decided to introduce a Premier Gem Pavilion as well, which will display the most stunning and valuable gems produced in Sri Lanka.

The exhibition also features lapidarist stalls as well as booths that display machinery, equipment, tools, and provide laboratory and certification services. An additional presence this year are industry related academic institutes that cater to the younger generation who are interested in the field, to gain wide knowledge and learn of opportunities available in the industry.

Year after year, Facets has served as a means of highlighting the very best of what Sri Lanka has to offer. The exhibition provides visitors with a very concise view of the operations and products of the local Gem and Jewelry Industry, not just in the form of exquisite gemstones and stunning pieces of jewelry, but through the display of machinery and equipment used for cutting, testing and other processes involved in production.

Facets is an excellent starting point for anyone searching for opportunities in the Gem and Jewelry Trade. Be it via export or import, Facets plays an important role in linking various parties so that all may reap the benefits of the various opportunities the local and global industries have to offer.

The exhibition is organized by t he Sri Lanka Gem & Jewelry Association (SLGJA) the apex private sector organization jointly with the government's National Gem and Jewelry Authority (NGJA) and the Sri Lanka Export Development Board (EDB).