The Future of Sapphire


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Darlene Smith

The Future of Sapphire: A Panel Discussion with FURA Marketing Council and GIA During the AGTA Gem Fair in Las Vegas

“We are having a fresh look at sapphires by characterizing a new color range from a historic site.” — Tom Moses, GIA Executive Vice President and Chief Laboratory and Research Officer

Austin, Texas, 28 July 2021 – FURA Gems and the FURA Marketing Council are wasting no time in transforming the colored gemstone industry. Only a small percentage of jewelry store sales staff and consumers know and have seen the full array of sapphires that nature gives us. FURA’s Australian Sapphire mine produces seven distinct colors including blue, teal, green, yellow, black, and bicolor and tricolor Parti Sapphires.

FURA Gems is working with researchers at GIA to take a deep dive into the sapphire colors coming from Australia. “GIA is currently analyzing dozens of colored sapphires, from blue to bi-colored stones with a stated origin of Australia,” explains Tom Moses, GIA Executive Vice President and Chief Laboratory and Research Officer. “Early indications of the analysis do confirm the sapphires are of a basaltic origin and will provide a broad range of colors for both traditional and designer jewelry. We are currently confirming the origin through further analysis and will be issuing reports when completed. We also plan to provide traceability reports that will match the polished samples back to host rough stone for even more information for the consumer.”

“FURA Gems is bringing to market more sapphire colors that are rarely seen in quantity, attracting renewed interest from jewelry designers, manufacturers, Influencers, retailers and especially consumers,” said Dibya J. Baral, Managing Director FURA Australia and FURA Gems Chief Technical Officer. The FURA Marketing Council will showcase a selection of the unusual sapphires along with samples of FURA Gems’ production of emeralds from Colombia and rubies from Mozambique at AGTA booth #428 and JCK booth #15039.

To explore GIA’s findings, how the expansion of sapphire colors will change the market, and the marketing support programs that FURA Marketing Council will provide to all levels of the gem and jewelry trade, FURA Marketing Council will be hosting a panel discussion at the AGTA GemFair on Wednesday, 25 August 2021 at 10am in the Brahms room. Panelists will include Dibya J. Baral the Managing Director FURA Australia, Tom Moses of GIA, and FURA Marketing Council President Liz Chatelain.

The one hour event will be in the Encore Hotel Brahms room next to the main AGTA ballroom. Coffee, teas and light snacks will be offered.

All AGTA and JCK exhibitors and attendees are welcome to attend. Please visit the FMC website for more details at

The FURA Marketing Council (FMC) is supported by its members and sponsored by FURA Gems, the only miner of all three precious colored gemstones, emerald, ruby and sapphires. FURA Gems is the world’s largest sapphire miner.

Visit the FURA Marketing Council trade show booths at: AGTA #428 and JCK #15039


About FMC:
FURA Marketing Council (FMC) is a trade membership council for companies that work with colored
gemstone or would like to. Funded by gemstone mining company FURA Gems, FMC promotes sales of
emerald, ruby and sapphire at every level of the supply chain with marketing materials, product
education, sales training and consulting support.

About GIA:
Tom Moses, Executive Vice President and Chief Laboratory and Research Officer
Thomas M. Moses is the executive vice president and chief laboratory and research officer of
GIA, and a member of the GIA Board of Governors. He earned his GIA Graduate Gemologist
diploma in 1976 and began work at the GIA laboratory in Santa Monica in 1977; in 1986, he
joined the New York laboratory to understudy Robert Crowningshield, one of the world’s most
revered gemologists, and follow in his footsteps. Mr. Moses has been instrumental in furthering
the Institute’s gem identification and research. He has headed many critical projects at GIA, and
co-authored prominent articles for its quarterly journal, Gems & Gemology.

About FURA:
FURA Gems is a colored gemstone mining and marketing company headquartered in Dubai, mining Emeralds in Colombia, Rubies in Mozambique and Sapphires in Australia. FURA takes the utmost care to ensure that all gems are responsibly and ethically mined and that its employees and the communities that surround the mines are well cared for. Improved miner conditions, sustainable employment and community work are just a few steps taken in this direction.

About: Dibya J. Baral
FURA Gems & Managing Director FURA Australia and Chief Technical Officer
Managing Director Australia and Chief Technical Officer A highly educated geologist, Mr. Baral provides overall leadership and management for FURA’s Australian sapphire operations. He also works extensively on implementing safety and environmental standards, sustainability, and CSR initiatives in Queensland Australia as well as FURA’s other mining locations in Colombia, and Mozambique. Chief Technical Officer was recently added to his position with FURA and works from FURA’s Dubai office in UAE. This role focuses on guiding all the technical aspects of exploration, mining, and processing for the FURA group of companies.

About MVI:
THE MVEye (MVI Marketing LLC) provides market research and strategic consulting for the global gem, jewelry and watch industries. MVI is the manager of the FURA Marketing Council.
Liz Chatelain
Liz Chatelain is the CMO of The MVEye (MVI Marketing LLC) and has a long history of successful marketing and research projects as well as trade association development specializing in the jewelry industry worldwide. Major projects have included: Introduced Champagne Diamonds to the American consumer and operated the Champagne Diamond Registry sponsored by Rio Tinto for 22 years, created, developed and managed the Indo Argyle Diamond Council (IADC), launched the Mined in Canada, Canadian retailer program supported by BHP Billiton and developed the Arctic Designed, Canadian diamond jewelry program, sponsored by Tiffany & Co.
Ms. Chatelain is also a charter member of the Los Angeles WJA chapter, a 5 time WJA Award for Excellence nominee and 2 time recipients.

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Australian Parti Sapphire – Credit: GIA
Sapphire Swirl - Credit: Australian Sapphires © Commonwealth of Australia (Geoscience Australia) 2021. This product is released under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.