Report by ICA Director for Italy

ICA Ambassador Reports,

Vicenza Fair puts on a good show!

By Rocco Gay, ICA Director, Italy

The latest Vicenza Fair was unexpectedly successful.

The number of visitors was predictably lower than the pre-COVID editions, but the attendees were really interested in doing business rather than roaming the aisles.

We anticipated buyers coming mainly from Italy, but in fact, we found people coming from several European countries and others like UK, France, Germany, Spain, Greece, Northern African countries, and a few Americans too. We missed visitors from Russia, Turkey, South America and Asia.

Furthermore, we were surprised by the optimistic attitude and the high interest in colored gemstones that can be interpreted as a positive signal for the future of our market.

In support of this positive feeling, I’ve spoken to colleagues in the gemstones, diamonds, pearls and corals field who shared that feeling and were excited too.

The number of Exhibitors in the Gem Pavilion was basically the same from two years ago (approximately 100), despite missing most of the Asian Companies. We observed participation from new companies and new interest in the Vicenza Fair from European dealers and producers, even among the ICA Members.

I believe that Vicenza will play an even greater role for the gemstones supply chain in the near future, and will probably become the No. 1 Fair in all of Europe for high-end jewelry and gems.

Pictured here: ICA Directors Rocco Gay (right) with Saurabh Bansal, ICA Director, Germany