Report by ICA Ambassador to USA

ICA Ambassador Reports,

Dear ICA members,

Ebb and flow of time brings about waves of benefits and profits as well as low tides of bare aisles and beached, stranded sales. As the pendulum of time swings through its paces, we are all facing the pullback on our businesses and our trade with the exception of perhaps social media and e-commence savvy sellers finding attractive currents for bringing goods to consumers.

Organizations such as CIBJO, GIA and BlueCap Productions have kept waves of connection and content available through webinars, online forums and interviews. The ICA and the AGTA had difficult decisions concerning the two main shows GJX Gem & Jewelry Exchange and the AGTA GemFair for 2021. Working closely with Pima County in Tucson, the usual February international gathering shifted to a secondary date. While in attendance of the April effort to have a Tucson event, the atmosphere was quite different from years past. Most notably for many attendees was the cancellation of the larger gem and mineral shows and the many shuttered doors of smaller venues.

Retailers in the United States are finding that high end colored gemstones and colored diamonds are assisting in maintaining budgets and keeping sales afloat. However, retail environments around the nation have many closed doors and empty retail outlets that commercial real estate developers would have never imagined. Ultimately, some are swimming in success while others are treading water and fighting for survival.

Perhaps what is most important is to remain positive and focused on new trade routes within the trade and new ways to communicate with clientele. Additionally, we can look to the past to find hope for today and tomorrow... One hundred years ago, a pandemic brought the world to its knees while 50M people lost their lives. Shortly after, the Roaring 20’s occurred. As an industry, we mourn any loss of life and remain steadfast in our approach to living, family and our industry bouncing back.