Report by ICA Ambassador to Germany 11/30

ICA Ambassador Reports,

Report by ICA Ambassador to Germany

By Claudia Hamann

Since late February, long distance flights have been almost impossible. But in August, an almost normal daily business began once again, although in a smaller amount.

Some of us traveled to small jewelry events across Europe, such as The Show in Hamburg, Voice Vicenzaoro Italy in September, and INTERGEM Idar-Oberstein in October.

But since mid-October, the number of covid infections in Europe has been increasing dramatically, and so most of the events and shows are canceled.

Even if you can get the flight you wish, for many countries like Italy, France, the USA, and many others, you will need to quarantine for 10 days when you come back to Germany.

Partly there are lockdowns across Germany and the rest of Europe. Jewelers hope that they will be open for Christmas and that customers will be able to shop.

We expect that the current situation will improve a little after all these restrictions and we can go out again and maybe travel within Europe again without the risk of being put in quarantine.

But nobody really believes that we will go to Tucson in February, or Hong Kong in March.

These are interesting times and we have only one good chance of finding out exactly who we are, what is our strength in the business, who our customers are, and what they need from us.