Report by ICA Ambassador to France 11/30

ICA Ambassador Reports,

Report by ICA Ambassador to France

By Pascale Savigny

Since end of October, France has imposed the second lockdown of 2020 for one month, after the number of Covid-19 patients soared and hospitals continued to report increasing strain. An Emergency state has been postponed until February.

France is also asking most people to stay at home unless their trip is essential: stay at home as much as possible and limit outings to essential trips only.

The criteria for international travel are the same for any trip outside the home in France and requires the same attestation (permission form) to be filled out, signed, timed and dated before you leave the house.

Travelling from France to the US or to Hong Kong should not be a problem. There are no restrictions on people leaving France, but airlines require that you have a negative Covid 19 test result maximum 72 hours before the flight. Then all passengers will be required to undergo a medical test for Covid-19 prior to clearing immigration and baggage collection. If you arrive abroad and must observe a 14-day quarantine due to your positive PCR test, you will not be able to go to the show or to work.

We do not know what the situation will be in the beginning of next year. So for now, because of travel restrictions, and also because business is very very slow, we cannot plan or consider a trip abroad. In the end, we prefer to stay in France and take no risks.

We hope that the situation will quickly evolve in a good way, and that we will have a a much better situation next year.