Report by ICA Ambassador to France 09/21

ICA Ambassador Reports,

By Pascale Savigny

Dear ICA members,

Greetings from France!

In recent weeks, the situation in France has been rather good. Bars, restaurants, concert venues and theaters have reopened. Intensive care cases have declined dramatically, with the government attributing the improvement to the accelerating vaccination rollout.

The French vaccination program started very slowly compared to its European neighbours. But the government pushed to accelerate before and during the summer period.

The initial Covid-19 pass was implemented by decree, first for restaurants and long-distance train and plane travel this summer. Vaccinations are now also mandatory for healthcare and nursing home workers, many of whom have been particularly suspicious or dismissive of vaccines.

Thus nearly 50 million people or more than 80% of the population are vaccinated.

Despite the fourth wave in tourist areas this summer, the situation - due to the vaccination rate - is improving in France. Covid-19 contamination is on the decline and health restrictions could perhaps be relaxed soon.

After a historic recession recorded in 2020, the recovery of the economy was delayed at the beginning of the year due to the persistence of the epidemic. But the lifting of health restrictions in the spring, along with the increase in vaccinations, has raised the economy on the surface, underlined by the National Institute of Statistics. The government expects a 5% growth and a return of activity to pre-crisis levels in 2022.

In addition, the reduction in the high level of savings due to sanitary restrictions will stimulate consumption as pent-up demand is satisfied.

The gemstone business is back! People are more optimistic and have plans again.

Now let's wait and see how the situation will evolve with the onset of winter.