InColor Magazine #48: Coping with Covid - Around the World


"In many ways, the theme of this issue is All Change. Covid has affected—and indeed changed—us all. Some have experienced the life-changing loss of loved ones; many have felt the restrictions on business as much as leisure; and we have all encountered the differing degrees and effects of physical shutdowns. From an industry perspective, the effects have been enormous, influencing different regions in different ways (Coping With Covid – Around the World, pp. 34-47).

But human nature is a remarkable thing. It has an exceptional ability to adapt. When I look at our trade, I see resilience, intelligence and ingenuity that are astounding. We have, throughout history, suffered and survived myriad major setbacks (Industry Upheavals, pp. 18-19), but this time, we are living through examples of not only survival but also success. If we should dare look at the good to have come out of the pandemic, we can pinpoint a greater flexibility of mindset and new sales models (Digital Developments in the Face of Viral Disruptions, pp. 20-24); the diversification and innovation of many individual businesses (Coping with Covid – Industry Insights, pp. 26-33); and of course an opportunity to look to the future (Color Trends, pp. 50-51) together with a stronger attitude to helping humanity and each other (Gem Paintings, pp. 56-58): an encouraging attitude we have seen developing directly out of such challenging times."

Helen Molesworth,
Editor in Chief, InColor magazine