II International Symposium on Jewelry and Design


Videoconference - June 08, 2021, 14h - June 10, 2021

The School of Design, through the Center for Studies in Jewelry and Design / CEDGEM and the Postgraduate Program in Design / PPGD-UEMG, organizes the II International Symposium on Jewelry and Design, from 8 to 10 June 2021, which this year will take place online. The purpose of the event is the dissemination of researches related to jewelry and design, in its social, historical, cultural, economic and environmental dimensions; in technologies, new materials and processes. It is expected to bring together researchers, professionals, students and others interested in the subject to promote the dissemination, exchange of knowledge and debate on the themes of the production of this important national product, as well as to stimulate scientific research in the area.

Panel: The gem sector and the challenges of Sustainability

Clement Sabbagh | International Colored Stone Association-ICA
Jessica Hudson | The Nomad Jeweler, EUA
Rui Galopim | Portugal Gemas e CIBJO

Moderator: Prof. Adriano Mol | CEDGEM ED UEMG