A Simple Methodology for Describing the Colour of the Mediterranean Precious Coral* Corallium rubrum


For Immediate Release
24 April 2021

With the assistance of Italian precious coral expert, Vincenzo Liverino, ICA|GemLab have introduced a simple procedure for describing the colour for the Mediterranean precious coal, Corallium rubrum. The procedure is designed to be both easy to use and understand, both for the trade and the public.

Utilizing normal colour language with just five designated colours (deep red, red, deep pink, pink and light pink) along with available colour comparison samples, it is envisaged that this procedure is destined to become the future trading standard for this important precious gem material.

In the case of gem laboratories, technicians have a choice of using the available colour comparison samples and viewing in the CIE standard daylight illuminate, D65, or using a spectrophotometer as the L*a*b* data for each of the colour comparison samples is openly available.

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*Precious corals are those that are used in jewellery and decoration, specifically red, pink and white varieties with porcelain like lustre after polishing. They are limited to species belonging to the family Corallidae, consisting of the three following groups: Corallium, Pleurocorallium and Hemicorallium. They have a specific gravity of approximately 2.8 and a hardness of 3 ½ on Mohs scale.