The President's Message - June 2024

Posted By: Damien Cody News,
Damien Cody
ICA President

One of the main objectives of the ICA is to promote the understanding, appreciation and sale of natural colored gemstones throughout the World. This objective permeates throughout almost all of the activities that we are involved in.

Expanding the market share of the colored gemstone industry within the luxury goods market will involve many strategic approaches and a dedicated effort. ICA will play its part, but it cannot do this alone, it will take a multitude of industry players at all levels in the supply chain to help achieve this growth.

ICA through its publications, social media, newsletters, press releases, promotions, trade shows, congresses and special events can do a lot, and we are continually looking to improve our promotional efforts and look for new ways to attract new consumers.

We encourage all levels of the industry to do likewise, whether you are a local trade association, a dealer, manufacturer, wholesaler or retailer, there are so many ways we can work together to build our market. I encourage you to get in touch with the ICA Office or local ICA Gem Bureau, your local ICA Director or ICA Ambassador and ask them about how we can work together at a local level.

This could be through:

  1. Education and Awareness: Many consumers are not fully aware of the variety and beauty of colored gemstones. Educating consumers about the uniqueness, rarity, and beauty of colored gemstones can create increased demand. Local press campaigns, social media presence, and in store exhibitions can help spread awareness.
  2. Design Innovation: Design plays a crucial role in attracting luxury consumers. Encouraging designers to experiment with colored gemstones in innovative ways can create unique and desirable pieces that appeal to affluent clientele. Supporting design competitions, prizes, or partnerships can foster creativity and innovation in colored gemstone jewelry.
  3. Celebrity Endorsements and Red Carpet Presence: Celebrity endorsements and appearances of colored gemstone jewelry on red carpets is a proven method to boost visibility and desirability. Collaborating with stylists and celebrities to showcase colored gemstones at high-profile events locally and internationally can generate buzz and attract attention from luxury consumers.
  4. Responsible and Ethical Sourcing: With growing consumer consciousness about responsible and ethical practices, promoting responsibly sourced colored gemstones can attract consumers who prioritize ethical considerations. Many ICA members have taken further steps to become Accredited Ethical Members and abide by international standards for responsible sourcing of gemstones. This can build trust and enhance the appeal of colored gemstones in the luxury market.
  5. Align with a good cause: ‘Gems Keep Giving’ is an ICA initiative that supports artisanal mining and cutting communities in need of assistance with issues such as safety, human rights, fair work, inclusiveness, environmental impact, resource sustainability and community amenity. Contact our office to find out how you can support very worthwhile projects that are changing lives.

The message here is to encourage you all to get involved with ICA and your local trade organizations and work on ways to promote the use of our treasured colored stone resources. It is much more effective if we tackle this from the bottom up and closer to our customers than embarking upon expensive and ineffective campaigns from the top.