ICA's Accredited Ethical Member Program


It is part of ICA's mission to provide greater consumer confidence by lifting the awareness and improving the practices of our membership in the areas of responsible, ethical and sustainable trading.

ICA has worked very closely with The World Jewellery Confederation (CIBJO) and other industry organisations to develop strategies to continuously improve the manner in which gemstones are traded. For this purpose, we have developed this Ethical Member Accreditation portal for our membership.

It is intended that members who undertake this accreditation process will understand more fully their duty of care within the gem and jewellery supply chain and improve the practices within their organisation. It consists of a series of steps containing key ICA and industry objectives outlining the elements of responsible sourcing.

It is designed to be a practical self-audit and a voluntary pledge on responsible sourcing and should become a stimulus for continuous improvement. The ICA does not verify the practices of any individual or company. For companies looking to have their practices validated, ICA would recommend this process is conducted by independent third-party audits.

This accreditation portal is an educational tool to promote best practices among ICA members in order to improve consumer confidence and enhance industry good-will.

Annual Accreditation Process

Page 1: ICA's Code of Ethics

Page 2: ICA's Duties of Disclosure

Pages 3-5: CIBJO The Responsible Sourcing Book

Page 6: Verification and Signature

Page 7: Member Information and Submission

Upon submission and satisfactory completion, ICA will grant the member status of Accredited Ethical Member (AEM) for the maximum period of one year duration coinciding with ICA Membership renewal.

ICA will forward a quantity of 500 holographic AEM adhesive seals to the Member of Record at the address provided, as long as their membership to the ICA is up-to-date. These seals can be affixed to sales dockets and invoices as evidence that the member has undertaken this accreditation. They cannot be transferred to any other person or organisation and they cannot be affixed to any document after the expiry date shown.

To keep the AEM status, members will need to undertake the accreditation online each year.

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