ICA President Message


Your ICA Board, Staff and Committees have been extremely busy in 2023. ICA continues to be a pillar for the Colored Gem industry by being at the forefront of many of the issues surrounding the colored gemstone industry.

Our Board consists of 29 Industry leaders representing 17 countries. The Board meets regularly both in person and with video tele-conferencing. In addition we have eleven committees focusing on the different areas of our operations such as Finance, Administration, Communications, Compliance and Sustainability, Ambassadors, China, Congress, GILC, Membership and Trade Shows. These committees have also been meeting regularly to ensure ICA continues to benefit our members, promote colored gemstones, represent our industry and build confidence amongst consumers.

We must applaud the efforts of our 18 ICA Ambassadors who’s role it is to strengthen the lines of communication with our members and with the industry in their respective countries.

Our small team of staff together with the assistance of some professional consultants has provided an outstanding level of service to members. We will look for ways of expanding the range of member services and to continually improve member care.

In 2023 we have advanced the progress with many of our important objectives including:

·      Effective promotion of the use of colored gemstones and our member’s businesses through our social media channels, industry media communications and forums.

·      Negotiating new locations, better space and improved conditions for our members at important International trade shows.

·      Introduction of an ICA Women’s Community Forum.

·      Organizing and conducting a highly successful ICA Congress in Dubai.

·      Appointing a new Membership Services Manager Dirk Bloemmaert to improve our member engagement levels.

·      Growing the level of ICA Accredited Ethical Members.

·      Presenting at many International forums.

·      Appointed a new independent Gems Keep Giving Board to oversee our benevolent projects providing vital assistance to artisinal and small scale mining and cutting communities.

·      Re-introduced new publications of InColor magazine.

·      Providing improved communication facilities with our ICA Members Portal allowing members to join communities, join discussion forums and source or provide specific products.

There are so many other important projects we are working on, way too many to mention here. As your President, I encourage you to become more involved with this wonderful ICA family. Reach out to your local Ambassador, Board Members and Staff. You will be amazed at the many rewards of being an engaged and committed ICA member.

Damien Cody

ICA President