ICA COVID-19 Resources

In the hopes to be of service to members, the ICA has put together this small compendium of resources related to COVID-19 and its challenges and opportunities.

What we have below is a guide to the best online help currently available. We will continue to update these links as we become more aware.


You will find our ICA’s membership Directory, a list of our Ambassadors, list of Accredited Ethical Members, CIBJO’s BlueBooks, InColor Magazine, and a personal letter to you from me.

We put ICA first because we want you to reach out to the ICA membership, your friends in the business who may be able to offer help in the form of business, or advice, or maybe simply an empathetic ear.

For those of us who have survived the financial crises of the mid 80’s, 2001, and 2009, we can tell you that history shows we will get through this together. Please make an effort to reach out to your friends in the ICA.

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Read InColor magazine
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We have the Australian Certified Practising Accountant website, the World Economic Forum, FaceBook for Business, JCK Magazine, NYC Business, and the Smithee Group.

The Australia CPA has many financially savvy suggestions to navigate not only while we are in this pandemic, but for future reference as well. The World Economic Forum gives us great insight into how to work from home – as we are all working from home these days.

Working from home means that we are online, so we need to consider FaceBook for business. Important to note, JCK has an ongoing list of all jewelry trade events being postponed or cancelled. NYC Business is specific for our NY members as it may help navigate your way to monetary assistance.

Ben Smithee, one of our featured speakers at the ICA Thailand Congress, has a fabulous short video on how to get your business online if you are not already there. And if you are already there, some tips on how to improve what you are doing.

The Manufacturing Jewelers & Suppliers of America (MJSA) has free webinar series during this pandemic. They have also generously opened their article and video library for the induistry at large. The Jewelers Vigilance Committee (JVC) has made some of their Essential Guides accesible to the industry as well as other valuable resources.

The Society of North American Goldmisths (SNAG) has a wealth of resources for artists and designers. Jewelers of America is offering their recorded webinars for everyone in the jewelry business.

Tips for small businesses
Ways to work from home
Facebook business grants
Industry events and news
Employee retention grant
Responding as a business
Free webinar series
Information with downloads
Article and video library
Resources for goldsmiths
Webinars for businesses
Webinars and podcasts


Finally, we have links to give you more information about the Covid-19 virus itself, what the symptoms look like, and how to protect yourself from getting sick. Links to the World Health Organization (WHO), Center for Disease Control (CDC), and Johns Hopkins University.

The WHO gives us all helpful tips on how to stay safe. CDC website also gives us good tips on how to protect ourselves. And last but not least, Johns Hopkins University, which has an amazing global view of the pandemic. And because ICA Members span the globe, you can easily keep track of the virus in your home country through this website.

Advice for the public
COVID-19 what to know
Coronavirus resource center
Travel Regulations Map