Gems of Love

By Carol Besler

“Love, love, love I want your love,” goes the Lady Gaga song.

It is what everyone wants, and most of us will do anything to get it. Wearing nice jewelry is one way to attract attention from potential suitors, of course, but are you wearing the right kind of jewelry?

Here are a few gems that will help brew up just the right kind of lovin’ for all your needs.

Most believers in the magical properties of gemstones put rose quartz high on the list of love stones. Its calming energy is said to encourage compassion and trust, the perfect building blocks for longlasting love. It has been called the stone of unconditional love, and that can apply to finding new love, strengthening existing love or even encouraging self-love, the first step to a positive relationship.

Ruby is right up there too. It is the stone of passion, representing the heart and the kind of fiery enthusiasm that it takes to keep love alive. It also promotes the kind of inner energy and self power necessary to anchor yourself while loving someone else.

Left: Kothari, 18K Burmese no heated cushion ruby and white diamond ring. Center: Omi Prive, Platinum ring featuring a 3.07 carat cushion sapphire accented by 0.36 carat total weight of round rose-cut diamonds and 0.22 carat total weight of round diamonds. Right: Enani, pink spinel ring.

Garnet, another red gem, is also said to stimulate sexual desire, with the power to not only ignite passion in new love but to revitalize long-term relationships.

Pink tourmaline is another highly feminine gemstone that works as an aphrodisiac, lulling us into our comfort zone, a place where we can feel safe and share the calming influence of love. It restores trust and lets love flow freely.

And then there is successful, long-lasting love, the kind that develops over the years and inspires domestic harmony and loyalty. That is the job of emerald, which represents rebirth, youth and fertility. It also has the power to strengthen friendships, and anyone who has ever received the gift of emerald jewelry can attest to that. It is a great way to build loyalty and love!

Stuller, assortment of bridal gemstones

And what is true love without great communication? Lapis lazuli has a reputation for keeping the lines of communication open – something to do with the throat chakra – to help navigate the ups and downs of intimate relationships. It brings harmony and inner harmony, which encourages fidelity.

Finally, you can’t talk about love without bringing up sapphire, a gift of which represents an eternal pledge of love. It is also a symbol of nobility, which is why it is traditionally used as an engagement ring for royals. It represents sincerity and integrity.

In the end, what gemstone wouldn’t stand for love – and for that matter, what’s not to love about gemstones? Are some gems really more about love than others?

Left: Omi Prive, Platinum ring featuring 2.62 carat total weight of pear-shaped sapphires accented by 0.58 carat total weight of round sapphires and 0.74 carat total weight of diamond baguettes. Right: Omi Prive, Platinum ring accented with black rhodium featuring a 13.32 carat oval blue-sheen moonstone accented by 0.65 carat total weight of trapezoid-cut sapphires, 0.46 carat total weight of round sapphires and 0.28 carat total weight of round diamond.

Maybe, but I would argue that all gemstones have the power to help us attract the love of our lives, comfort us in the event of unrequited love, and to keep us looking our best when it is time to go out there and try again.

Top Image: Bridal gemstones from Stuller ©