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HardRock Summit 2021 -Evolution

Thursday, September 16, 2021 at 10:30 AM (EDT) to Sunday, September 19, 2021 at 11:30 AM (EDT)

Event Details

The HardRock Summit 2021 in Denver is brought to you by a team of specialists, led and driven by its two founders,  Christoph Keilmann from Munich, Germany, and Wolter Mehring from Los Angeles. Christoph is Manager and Organizer ofGemworld Munich, the largest trade fair in Europe, which combines natural treasures, jewelry, and gemstones under one roof. Wolter Mehring is an international businessman with in-depth knowledge and experience in the USmarket, including the development of the Pueblo Gem & Mineral show in Tucson, AZ.

Looking back on 15 years of friendship and international business projects, their strong visions, knowledge, and ideas created this year’s very special and ambitious project.

Their aim is to once and for all break down barriers and achieve a joint goal; everyone attending or exhibiting at the Hardrock Summit will feel and share their passion and vision and benefit from it.



For the first time, the two crucial elements will successfully bring together tradition, vision, commerce, and community, to achieve the combination of “Knowledge and Legacy”.

Going back to the sixties, Christoph’s parents, Johannes and Hermi Keilmann, were pioneers and the driving force for a newly developing market. Johannes became a much sought-after mineral specialist, and created the first trading platforms over the years. An engineer by trade, he was driven by his passion and perfectionism. All his colleagues came from scientific or geological backgrounds and shared the same love – but none of them had specific marketing or event knowledge.

None the less, everybody did what they thought was good, and this is still the case: You can hire great event companies to organise an event, but they don’t share your  passion. Or, people with your  passion can try to organize their own professional events, but they lack marketing or event management expertise.

So, for 2021, a new benchmark has been set. With knowledge and legacy – and with the power and the passion of a great team, the HardRock Summit will unite all people into one community and present an unprecedented high-class platform for all interests and requirements, for trade, exhibition, commerce, and education.



The big gap between B2B and B2C had to be closed. Over the years, clear and distinct parameters naturally disappeared, yet the habit of these divisions and the social affiliation remain and persist.

There are at least 2 major interest groups – professionals who make their livelihood through sales of products and services, and non-professionals, who are involved for enjoyment. These two groups tend to hold their own events, shows and meetings, and often even sub-divide further to address only a certain segment of trade or material. And then of course, there’s the further division between minerals, fossils and stones – and – at the other end of the scale, the jewelry and gemstones market. Until now, most events were created for and largely  attended by only one of these groups.



The HardRock Summit brings together markets, exhibitors and participants and creates unseen benefits for all by consolidating the entire community in one place.Information. Trade. Exchange. Learning. Business. Fun; all are included!.

That’s it in a nutshell! Everyone, whether visitor, exhibitor, or tradesperson, will benefit from  their participation at the HardRock Summit 2021 in Denver. All will feel they belong. All will get the message. All will achieve their own targets and goals. And all will want to become and stay part of the community and profit from it.



Denver was chosen as the location for the HardRock Summit for good reason: It is a beautiful city with a history and tradition – naturally developed as a location at the foot of the Rocky Mountains, one mile above sea level. Miners, geologists, scientists and mineralogists have been working and trading here for decades. Unfortunately, their business was getting a bit long in tooth over time, and its future survival is not assured. . Yet, with a sophisticated structure, a holisticapproach, and by joining the two main areas and their communities, a vibrant, pulsating marketplace for all has now been created.

Based on its long history and its mining tradition and the power to grow and blossom under modern aspects, Denver is predestined for the HardRock Summit and easily accessible due to its large airport hub and integrated infrastructure.

Together with their ambassadors, Christoph and Wolter are currently putting together a strong and encompassing  program with a lot of highlights, information, and indeed, a surprise or two – while at the same time keeping  it real and offeringspace and time for participants to realize their own plans and get in touch with other community members.