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RAPAPORT... What business does a gemological laboratory have telling stories about diamonds?

That was the unspoken question Matt Crimmin had to answer in his presentations at JCK Las Vegas earlier this month. 

As vice president of lab operations for the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), Crimmin used the show to roll out what his team had effectively been working on since 2010: a solution to some of the core challenges facing the trade, particularly that of raising consumer confidence. 

Speaking with Rapaport News recently, Crimmin (pictured below) outlined two projects that the grading nonprofit is piloting with precisely that goal in mind.

These initiatives, which the GIA says could change the way diamonds are sold and monitored, are making the laboratory an unlikely frontrunner not only in diamond-grading, but in the drive to keep better track of diamonds and to tell their stories.

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