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AGS Conclave: Supporting artisanal gem miners

Miami--ICA member and former ICA vice president, Edward Boehm, G.G., C.G., presented “From Mine to Market” at AGS Conclave, sharing with the audience his experience and knowledge of ruby and spinel mines in Myanmar, Tanzania and other overseas gem-producing countries. There are 47 primary colored gemstone producing countries in the world, Boehm said, with 80 percent of all colored gemstones coming from artisanal small-scale mining operations. Ninety percent of these operations are located in developing and emerging countries, coming with unique problems and providing opportunities for industry assistance--safer working conditions, sustainability and others. “A lot of these opportunities will be coming up soon,” Boehm said. “The best way to help is indirect means--education, water, teaching environmental sustainability.”


India's Trade in Gemstones and Gold Jewelry Shows Increase

Mumbai - The Gem and Jewellery Export Promotion Council (GJEPC) announced the trade and industry performance for the financial year 2011-2012 today. The Indian gem and jewelry industry has witnessed a marginal decline of 0.36% in FY 2011-­2012 owing to the decrease in trading exports of diamonds. Colored gemstone exports witnessed an increase of 9.10% in dollar terms with sector recording growth from US$ 314.20 million in 2010-2011 to US$ 342.80 million in 2011-2012, while the sector was primarily driven by gold jewelry which registered an increase of 30% in FY '12. read more...


True North Gems Launches Greenlandic and Danish Websites

True North Gems Greenland Ruby Crystals

Vancouver, British Columbia - True North Gems Inc. (the "Company") (TSX-V: TGX) has announced the launch of their new Greenlandic website:, as well as the introduction of a Danish website, These new websites will be updated regularly with the latest news related to the Aappaluttoq permitting process in both Greenlandic and Danish, purposefully building a valuable information resource center for the public as the Company moves forward into the final stages of permitting. read more...


2012 SMART Show in Chicago a Success

(CHICAGO, IL) The fourth annual SMART Jewelry Show ended yesterday after seeing strong buying and highest-ever attendance. "The vibe on the floor was exceptionally positive, and buyers were serious about doing business," said Jim Reed, show director. read more...


Myanmar awaits EU sanction easing

Ruby mining in Burma's Mogok Stone Track © Richard W. Hughes

NAYPYITAW, Myanmar - Myanmar's reformist rulers are looking forward to an easing of European Union sanctions on Monday but celebrations will be muted over a political stalemate delaying Aung San Suu Kyi's historic parliamentary debut. The European Union is all but certain to become the first among Western powers to suspend in earnest sanctions that isolated Myanmar for two decades. The expected EU decision on sanctions would be a boon for Myanmar's tattered and long-stagnant economy and could prompt the United States and Canada to follow suit and pave the way for development loans and a flood of foreign investment in its trove of natural resources like oil, gas, timber and gemstones. read more..


British PM Calls For Suspending Myanmar Sanctions

YANGON, Myanmar — British Prime Minister David Cameron said Friday that he would support suspending the European Union's economic sanctions on Myanmar, which are to be reviewed by the end of the month. Cameron spoke after meetings with the country's reform-minded president, Thein Sein, and opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi, a longtime political prisoner who was recently elected to parliament in Myanmar, a former British colony. read more...

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