The gemstone professionals that participate in ICA's committees share their business acumen and industry experience to help pursue the association's objectives. The committees are designed to make those objectives operational and implement the numerous initiatives that the ICA is proud to have lead around the globe.

Administration Committee
Benjamin Hackman, USA - Co-Chair
Jain Rakesh, Hong Kong - Co-Chair

Bylaws Committee
Benjamin Hackman, USA - Chair

China Committee
Yu Xiaojin, China - Co-Chair
Shirley Zhang, China - Co-Chair

Communications Committee
Jean Claude Michelou, Colombia - Co-Chair
E. Gamini Zoysa, Sri Lanka - Co-Chair

Congress Committee
Clement Sabbagh, Brazil - Chair

Disclosure Committee
Nobuyuki Horiuchi, Japan - Co-Chair
Bear Williams, USA - Co-Chair

Ethics and Grievance Committee
Damien Cody, Australia - Co-Chair
Bruce Bridges, USA - Co-Chair

Executive Committee
Benjamin Hackman, USA - Chair

Finance Committee
Marcelo Ribeiro, Brazil - Chair

GILC Committee
Ray Zajicek, USA - Chair

InColor Magazine Committee
Jean Claude Michelou, Colombia - Chair

Membership Committee
Philippe Scordia, France - Co-Chair
Marcelo Ribeiro, Brazil - Co-Chair

Nominations Committee
Wilson Yuen, Hong Kong - Chair

Trade Shows Committee
Ehud Harel, Israel - Co-Chair
Santpal Sinchawla, Thailand - Co-Chair

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The ICA is a worldwide body specifically created to benefit the global colored gemstone industry by advancing and promoting the knowledge and appreciation of colored gemstones.
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