President, Brazil

Founded in 1961 by Albert Sabbagh and Jacques Sabbagh, The Sabbagh Group was established through the manifestation of its creators' passion for gemstones. The strategic position for the realization of such a business enterprise did not occur by chance since the city of Governador Valadares in the State of Minas Gerais (verbatim: "General Mines") in Brazil, is known as The World Capital of Gemstones.

With over 50 years of impeccable servicing in the Colored Gemstones world market, The Sabbagh Group is currently run by the brothers Clement and Samuel Sabbagh (Albert Sabbagh's sons), both GIA graduate Gemologists as the second generation in Mining, Cutting and Gemstones dealing; being the tradition torch passed along with the family dedication and commitment to the business.

With the highest quality products, Ben Sabbagh Bros. trades in the markets of North America, Europe and Asia. Also participating on a yearly basis at many international fairs.

Ben Sabbagh Brothers, by being always concerned with its business partners' total satisfaction, finds itself in constant professional improvement in order to be up to and fittingly in tune with the new global trends.

Ben Sabbagh Brothers has an excellent available infra-structure in its headquarters and cutting facilities in Brazil with a magnificent showroom where its business partners both in loose stones wholesale as well as in the jewelry industry can be duly welcomed and professionally assisted by knowledgeable salespeople.

Board of Directors

Clement Sabbagh

President, Brazil

Damien Cody

Vice President, Australia

Nirmal Kumar Bardiya

Vice President, India

Marcelo Ribeiro

Treasurer, Brazil

Bruce Bridges

Secretary, USA

Santpal Sinchawla

Secretary, Thailand

E. Gamini Zoysa

Director, Sri Lanka

Alice Muthama

Director, Kenya

Captain Ramji Sharma

Director, Japan

Gabriel Angarita

Director, Colombia

Saurabh Bansal

Director, Germany

Henry Ho

Director, Thailand

Masaru Mizumura

Director, Japan

Pavel Sokolov

Director, Russia

Philippe Scordia

Director, France

Rakesh Jain

Director, Hong Kong

Kobi Sevdermish

Director, Israel

Shirley Xue Li Zhang

Director, Hong Kong

Stephan Reif

Director, Austria

Vijay Kedia

Director, India

Warren F. Boyd

Director, Canada

Chen Shen

Director, China

Jean Claude Michelou

Advisor, Colombia

Ruben Bindra

Advisor, USA

Benjamin Hackman

Immediate Past President, USA

Gary Roskin

Executive Director, USA

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